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Mystery Escape Room / Virtual Team Building

5 Effective
Virtual Team Building Activities
That will Enhance your Team's Abilities


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How Mystery Escape Room Leads
Virtual Team Building Activities

Mystery Escape Room designed the worlds first Online Escape Room in 2018 with Carnegie Mellon University's Organizational Behavior Department to study Virtual Team Building.


We have taken what we have learned from years of research to create effective and fun Virtual Team Building games.


What is an Online Escape Room?

1 - Online Escape Rooms are a unique spin on the classic escape room, but virtual! Online escape rooms allow co-workers and team members to play together across cities and oceans.

2 - They utilize a video conferencing service like Google Meet, Zoom, or MS Teams. These allow the participants to talk to each other about what they are finding and what they are solving.

3 - The game is navigated on your computer or laptop and a game guide is provided for help and hints. There are different clues, codes, and puzzles that the team will need to solve in order to reach their objective.

How to Schedule and Plan a
Virtual Team Building Activity?


1 - Book your team building event online or over the phone


2 - Meet your game guide and co-workers on a video conference call at your designated time.


3 - Practice team work skills, solve the mystery and have a great time!

5 Virtual Team Building Activities to Choose From

Each Virtual Team Building Activity focuses your teams practice on an attribute of team work


The Superhero Experience

The Spy Experience

The Nancy Drew Experience


The Da Vinci Experience

The Sherlock

Would you like to schedule a FREE Virtual Team Building Demonstration?

We would be happy to sit down with you one on one and show you how these amazing games work.


1. Click the 'schedule a demo' button to find a convenient time for you to meet with an event guide.

2. Meet with the event guide at the designated time on a video conference call.

3. The event guide will take you through how the games work and you can ask them any questions you have.

Online Escape Rooms for Large Groups

Fun online escape rooms for Virtual Conferences and Events that can include everybody!

All participants can come together for this fun online event. Everybody will join in a conference call to be briefed on the game and then will break out into teams of 10 to solve the mystery as a team. 

These fun event games can hold an infinite number of people so we recommend them for groups of 50 people or more.

The events are easy to plan. You can expect a duration of 90 minutes for the game.

Book an event online or fill out our online form below and we will contact you.

Large Groups

Fill out the digital form below to get in contact with our Event Specialist. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us by emailing us at

*A large group is considered to be more than 12 people

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Would you like to arrange a Virtual Team Building Activity
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