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Virtual Team Building

The Nancy Drew Experience

$275 Virtual Team Building Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

- A 60 Minute Online Escape Room 

- An Online Escape Room Designed for Training Team Coordination

- Tickets for up to 12 People on your Work Team

- A Personal Expert Game Guide to Facilitate the Game


Our guide was wonderful and we had a lot of fun!  Loved the team building feedback at the end.  THANK YOU


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All Game Times Listed in Mountain Daylight Time.

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Building Virtual Team Coordination

This escape room adventure emphasizes the need for team coordination. In it, the team can split into multiple functional groups and search for clues independently. The challenge is to for the team to coordinate efforts so problems can be solved simultaneously without redundant effort. Too often in business multiple people are working on the same problem without realizing it. In this adventure the team must work together to effectively match team skills to the problems they are most suited to solving in a setting of ongoing discovery and evolving information. 

Rescue the Missing Nancy Drew

Enter the lavish English manor house known as the Forsyth Mansion. While you were supposed to meet Nancy Drew there, she does not seem to be around. Find the letters and piece together the clever clues left behind. Crisscross through elegant hallways, parlors, and libraries to discover the reason behind Nancy’s absence. 

™ & © 2019 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. NANCY DREW Ⓡ and NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES Ⓡ are registered trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc.


6 to 12 Players

One Hour

9/10 Difficulty

Played on Computer

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Video Conference
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  • Engage remote and non-remote employees

  • Improve bonding between multi-location, remote teams, and teammates

  • Custom debriefing after events to identify team strengths and weaknesses!

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"We had a fabulous experience with Nathan tonight and with my twin grandchildren for their birthday. He was perfect for hosting us. He did not give away the clues but gave valuable encouragement to help us discover them on our own. He was gracious and welcoming. My grandchildren had an experience they will always remember."

Margret W.


Engage in Virtual Team Building From Anywhere!

Make use of Video Conference Software to connect with family and friends anywhere in the world, then enter a virtual world of Mystery Escape Room! Each virtual escape room comes with a variety of fun puzzles and unique challenges that will compel you to work together online.

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