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See Below for Updated Health Guidelines
Online Virtual Escape Rooms Are Available Too!

Explore virtual locations to find puzzles right on your computer screen. Communicate with your team to piece together each distinctive challenge. This escape room option is perfect for a work teambuilder to feel connected while also maintaining social distance.

The Salt Lake City Escape Room Adventures!

To schedule your Escape Room Adventure online, you will need to plan at least 24 hours in advance. If you would like to schedule sooner than 24 hours, give us a call at 385-322-2583.

Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Missing Jewelry


On your journey to the Evergreen Lodge, you will learn that there is an unsolved mystery about! 40 years ago, the famous and elegant actress, Mrs. Marie Addison, was staying at the lodge. One night, she returned to her room to find that her collection of priceless jewelry had gone missing. Exhaustive searches of the lodge, the guests, and the staff were carried out but the jewelry was never found. Some claim that the jewelry never left the lodge and is hidden somewhere within.


Officially Licensed Escape Room

$34.95 Per Person

™ & © 2019 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. NANCY DREW Ⓡ and NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES Ⓡ are registered trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

The Secrets of

Downton Abbey


The Crawley Family, although they may not know it yet, is in trouble. An old journal that holds the secrets of Downton Abbey was hidden somewhere inside the servant’s quarters. The journal needs to be found and destroyed for what is inside could destroy the Crawley family name! Sarah O’Brian, a servant who once worked at the Abbey hid the journal and has sent some letters about the whereabouts.


Officially Licensed Escape Room

$34.95 Per Person

Downton™ and Downton Abbey®. © 2019 Carnival Film & Television Limited. All Rights Reserved.

The Haunted Temple of
Ah Puch


A Haunting Escape Room Adventure inside the belly of an ancient Mayan Temple.


$29.95 Per Person

The Sword of Zorro


Zorro has hidden his sword somewhere inside to wait for the time when it will be needed again. Be vigilant, for those who seek the sword will find that the test is not easy to pass. If you prove to have what it takes, you will be honorable enough to bear the sword of Zorro yourself.


Officially Licensed Escape Room

$29.95 Per Person

©2019 Zorro Productions, Inc., All Rights Reserved. ZORRO©

The Book of Houdini

Book of Houdini.jpg

Guests of all ages are in for a mystical treat when they visit Harry Houdini's house of mysteries. Hidden within is Houdini's secret book that contains information on all of Houdini's greatest escapes. Although it will be difficult to find, it best be found before it falls into the wrong hands. Of course finding the book is one thing. Another thing is finding your way out of  Houdini's House. Can you complete the mission? Only one way to find out.


$29.95 Per Person

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Cards are available in set amounts from $25-$300.


New Salt Lake City Escape Room Guidelines

Mystery Escape Room open for safe Escape adventures!

It is our mission to provide the best and safest Escape Room Adventure! Our in-person escape rooms in Salt Lake City are available with some guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe. We promise that the fun and excitement of the escape room games will not be lost while abiding by city and state guidelines and precautions during the ongoing pandemic.

1 - We will only accept private bookings. This means that you will not be paired in escape rooms with strangers.

2 - Private Salt Lake City Escape room bookings will be by appointment only either over the phone, via email, or book on our website.

3 - Guests will be required to wear masks throughout the entire game experience.

4 - Guests will be required to wash their hands before the escape experience begins.

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This Location

Mystery Escape Room

At The Gateway

Monday through Saturday
9am - 10pm
Closed Sundays
130 S Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Mystery Escape Room is located at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. We recommend parking in the South Garage at The Gateway. If you want to get something to eat before or after your Escape Room Adventure, there are many great option in and around The Gateway.

Mystery Escape Room is the highest-rated Escape Room on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews in Utah! It is also the winner of 8 Best of State awards!