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Mystery Escape Room

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New Tucson Escape Room Guidelines

Mystery Escape Room now open for adventures and fun!

We are open to book our in-person Tucson escape rooms with new pandemic guidelines to follow. These guidelines have been put into place to optimize the fun, games, and excitement of the escape room while keeping people safe from the ongoing pandemic.

1 - We will only be accepting private escape room bookings. This means that you will not be paired with strangers in your room.

2 - Guests will be required to wear masks throughout the entire escape experience.

3 - Guests are required to wash their hands before the experience begins.

Elbow Greetings
Try Our Online Escape Rooms!

Whether it's for a teambuilding exercise or with your friend group, our virtual escape rooms are for you. Explore virtual locations and solve the puzzles as they come on your screen. Communicate with your team to piece together each distinctive challenge. Our online escape rooms can help you still feel connected even while socially distancing and are a great alternative when in-person experiences are not available for you.


The Tucson Escape Room Adventures!

To schedule your Escape Room Adventure online, \plan at least 3 hours in advance of when you'd like to start your experience. If you would like to schedule sooner than 3 hours, give us a call at 520-390-5887.

The Curse of

Pharaoh's Tomb


$29.95 Per Person

20,000 Leagues

Under the Sea


$29.95 Per Person

The Sword of 



$29.95 Per Person

Moriarty's Parlor


$29.95 Per Person

Dracula's Castle


$29.95 Per Person

Gift Card


Gift Cards are an easy way to spread Mystery Escape Room magic. Give the gift of a Mystery Escape Room Gift Card today!


Cards are available in set amounts from $25-$300.


This Location

Mystery Escape Room

At The Tucson Mall

Monday through Saturday
11am - 8pm
Closed Sundays
4500 N Oracle Road, Space 150
Tucson, Arizona 85705

Mystery Escape Room is located at The Tucson mall, a short distance from downtown Tucson. Free parking is available in The Tucson Mall's parking lots. We recommend parking between JCPenney's and Sears. If you want to get something to eat before or after your Escape Room Adventure, there are many great options in and around The Tucson Mall.

When you begin your Mystery Escape Room Adventure, your team will have 60 minutes to complete all the challenges and win! If you put your minds together you can succeed and even if you don't, just playing is most of the fun.

Mystery Escape Room is NEW in Tucson and already gaining traction and becoming an entertainment-must.