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Team Inclusion

Da Vinci's Secret Online Escape Room

$250 Per Event (With 6 to 12 People Included in the Event)

That is less than $21 per person for groups of 12!

All Game Times Listed in Mountain Standard Time.


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  • Plan on a 90 Minute Event - 60 Minute Virtual Escape Room Played on your Computer
  • Materials Provided for Debriefing your Team
  • 6 to 12 People Per Event (Each Player can be located anywhere in the world)
  • Scheduling available Monday through Saturday
  • What you need to play:
    • Laptop, Desktop, or Chromebooks with Webcam and Microphone Capabilities​
    • Access to the Internet

Training Focus

This escape room helps teams see the need to include all team members in the adventure. For the team to succeed, each team member will have to participate, and all team members will need to help each other solve the mystery. The team only wins when all team members complete the mission.


Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci

Before his death, Leonardo Da Vinci uncovered truths so profound that he held them very closely and only shared what he learned with a select few who he felt were enlightened enough to understand them. This group was the beginning of a secret society dedicated to protecting Da Vinci’s secrets throughout time. They called themselves the Order of Enlightenment. The Order has established a test to determine who is worthy of the secret knowledge Da Vinci bequeathed them. Your team is about to take the test. You have one hour to complete the test. Be warned, failure will be dealt with most severely.


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