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Learning Agility

Sherlock vs. Moriarty Virtual Team Building Escape Room

$250 Per Event (With 6 to 12 People Included in the Event)

That is less than $21 per person for groups of 12!


Very fun game with lots of twists and mental tests!


I thought this was amazingly well done for a virtual escape room! I would come again.


All Game Times Listed in Mountain Standard Time.


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About Sherlock Vs Moriarty

Get lost in the pages of a memorable Sherlock Holmes story with  your favorite characters when you step into the Moriarty's Parlor.
  • Plan on a 90 Minute Event - 60 Minute Virtual Escape Room Played on your Computer
  • Materials Provided for Debriefing your Team
  • 6 to 12 People Per Event (Each Player can be located anywhere in the world)
  • Listed on a Mountain Standard Time Zone
  • Scheduling available Monday through Saturday
  • What you need to play:
    • Laptop, Desktop, or Chromebooks with Webcam and Microphone Capabilities​
    • Access to the Internet

Training Focus

Learning Agility is said to be a person's ability to know what to do when they don't know what to do. It is an adaptive skill that covers many aspects of a person's learning abilities. A person with high learning agility is able to better navigate an ever changing environment to find solutions to complex problems, just like Sherlock Holmes. There are five primary areas of learning agility that include mental agility, people agility, change agility, results agility and self awareness. Sherlock Vs Moriarty is designed to test all five areas of learning agility in a fun and exciting escape room environment. 


For more information on learning agility check out these articles in Harvard Business Review and Forbes. To improve your own learning agility, sign up for the Sherlock Vs Moriarty Mystery Escape Room.

Parlor 2 Secret Door.jpg

Our Sherlock Vs Moriarty Escape Room is Inspired by the Classic Sherlock Holmes Books.

The characters from the classic Sherlock Holmes stories will come alive as you infiltrate Moriarty’s Parlor. Suspecting Sherlock Holmes to enter, Moriarty laid out a trap of wits to prove that he has the superior mind. You will be caught in the middle of the trap! You will work together to solve your way through the trap before Moriarty fills the room with deadly gas!

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