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6 Fantastic Tips for Winning an Escape Room Game

You’ve gotten your friends, family, or co-workers together. You’ve booked the escape room. You are ready for an adventure unlike any other. Now the question is how do you win? We have some great steps to help you successfully complete your escape room experience.

Talk to your team

This might seem common sense, but it is the number one way that teams fall apart in an escape room. Announce everything! When you find something new, say it! When you solve a puzzle, say it! When you are stuck and need some help, say it! Nothing is more frustrating than working hard on a puzzle only to have someone say, “Oh, I finished that like 10 minutes ago.” Talk to each other and be specific. Especially in a online escape room. Saying “I found it over there” is not super helpful. Telling your team that you found the pink elephant on the table with the blue tapestry and the candle in the parlor is super specific and will make it easy for your team to know what you are doing.

Keep your findings organized

A lot of what you are going to be doing, especially in the beginning, is gathering information and clues. You may not understand where everything goes right away so it is imperative to keep it all organized. Having one place to keep track of everything can be helpful. You may also want to assign one person to keep track of something specific. If you need to gather lots of pieces for one puzzle having everyone give those pieces to a single person can help make sure everything is gathered and nothing gets forgotten.

Everything is there for a reason

If you find something that looks like it’s a clue, it probably is. There will very rarely be a red herring. Everything you are able to gather will be used at some point and in some way. Hold on to it and remember where you found it so you can return to it if you need to.

Remember your team is working with you, not against you

It is important to remember that everyone is there to accomplish the same goal. Keep a cool, calm, and collected demeanor as best you can so that communication is easy and effective. If you find yourself or your team getting heated, stop and take a moment to breathe and then return to the task at hand.

Make sure everyone has something to help with

There are always things to be working on in an escape room game. Make sure that everyone is participating in order to maximize your time. If people are working on multiple things at the same time you are more likely to finish before time is up.

Escape Rooms are fun so, HAVE FUN!

Escape rooms are supposed to be fun and entertaining! Remember that even though the adventure may get intense at times you are there to have fun. Everyone is safe, nothing in the escape room is real, and at the end you have an exciting experience and new memories to share with your friends and family.

There you have it! A few surefire ways to help you finish an escape game in 60 minutes or less. Go have fun and enjoy your adventure!

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