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6 Family Activities for the Weekend

Nothing is quite as wonderful as a weekend spent with the people you love. Being able to play, relax, and enjoy each other’s company is a fantastic way to spend leisure time. Too often though, we can get stuck in the same routine. We find ourselves playing on our phones rather than playing with our family. This can cause strain and tension to relationships that can bleed into the everyday routine. By finding new things to do on the weekend it can ease stress with fun and a change of pace. There are so many fun and exciting things to do at home or out and about! Read on to get some ideas for fun things to do with your family this weekend.

Activities for the Whole Family

Online Escape Room:

Escape rooms are an extremely popular activity for friends and family. They get everyone working together in a fun new way. Online escape rooms provide this same fun, from the comfort of your own home. These are a great option for families with small children who may get frustrated with difficult puzzles in a physical escape room. Everyone can work together and discover things in a way that allows everyone to get involved and have an exciting time. Virtual escape rooms are also great for families who are spread out. It allows friends and family that live in places all across the world to get together and enjoy time together even while separated by miles.

Scavenger Hunt:

Creating a scavenger hunt through your town or city is a great way to show off some of your favorite places to those you love as well as find new places to enjoy. Have everyone submit their favorite place to go or thing to do and put it together in a scavenger hunt with some challenges so everyone can earn points. You can do it together as one team or split the family up for some friendly competition.

Obstacle Course:

Finding or creating an obstacle course can be a fun way to get everyone out and active. Cheering each other on when things get difficult can bring everyone closer together. There will be a huge sense of accomplishment for each individual and for the family as a whole. What a fun memory to make together!

Board Game Night:

Many families enjoy playing board games together, but often playing the same games over and over can get boring. Find a local game shop and ask for the expert advice from the people who work there to find a new game that will be fun for the whole family to play. Break out the snacks and the games and play!

Local Festivals:

There are many different festivals and events throughout the year. Check out your local city or town’s website to find something that might be fun for the family. An outdoor movie, food festival, cultural event, or fair are all fun things to do to change up the day to day routine.

Yes Day:

Even better than just one of these things is to take an epic day and do all of them! Say yes to whatever someone wants to do and have everyone engage in it with excitement and positivity. If everyone gets the chance to pick something they want to do, everyone in the family can learn about each other’s interests and come closer together while having fun!

There are so many fun activities for a family to engage in. It can be a bit difficult to find something that everyone will enjoy, but once you find a few then you can build on them to keep the fun going week after week. Finding a variety of activities to do at home and outside is a great way to make memories, keep everyone connected, and strengthen your bond as a family.

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