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This Escape Room Is For Kids

A Look at Online Escape Rooms For Kids

There are lots of different kinds of escape room games available. You'll find them at theme parks, museums, hotels, and even some restaurants. Most of these games are designed for people who are ages 12 and up. However, there are also plenty of escape room games for younger kids. These games are usually more focused on entertainment than education.

With kids being at home more and needing things to do, an Online Escape Rooms for Kids is a perfect activity to arrange for the afternoon. You can arrange for your kids to play along with distant friends, cousins, or other relatives all from your computer by using video conferencing software. Each Escape Room allows for 4-8 players. They will be provided an professional online escape room guide to guide the game for them. It is fun, rewarding, and will strengthen bonds between family and friends.

3 Online Escape Rooms Designed for Kids

The Online Escape Rooms for Kids at Mystery Escape Room are designed for different age groups to provide an enriching experience. The themes are fun and light hearted and are sure to thrill your little ones. Your kids can work together to remove a curse from an enchanted forest or save a poor lost puppy.

The Enchanted Forrest

For ages 6 - 9


The evil witch, Esmeralda, has stolen the magic from the heart of the forest. Now magic is fading and the forest will soon lose all its magical creatures if something isn't done. The Magic can only be restored by the hands of children of true courage and valor. They must find the 6 gems of virtue and bring them out before the magic is lost forever.

The Mystery Solvers Club

For ages 7 - 11


Samantha lost her puppy Toby, and her family is moving away. Toby was last seen playing around the Marrington Mansion. The house is a mystery house. It was owned by Harold Merrington before he disappeared 20 years ago. People say it has hidden rooms and secret passages. Your children will enter the house and find the missing puppy before Samantha’s family leaves in one hour.

The Magician's Mansion

For ages 10 - 13


A magician is looking for some new students who want to learn real magic. The team is there to see if they pass the test. When your children enter the mansion, their host appears from thin air and askes them for their invitation. When they show the invitation, he explains that they will need to pass his test to see if he will take them as new students. He then shows them into the living room where the test begins.

How to Find These Escape Rooms For Kids

These escape rooms for kids can be found at It is easy to schedule the event from their website or if you would like to call, they provide their phone number as well.

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Carl Fielder
Carl Fielder
4 days ago

Online escape rooms for kids sound like a blast. Especially in times when indoor activities are more popular, they offer a fun and engaging way for children to spend time with friends and family. If you're interested in exploring more interactive experiences, consider delving into the world of online games. Platforms like can guide you to a variety of captivating games that offer not only entertainment but also the chance to earn rewards. It's the perfect way to bond with loved ones while enjoying immersive gameplay.


A knowledgeable and experienced online phrazle escape room guide will be made available to assist them throughout the game. It is enjoyable, beneficial, and will fortify relationships among loved ones and companions.

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