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Fascinating Online Games - So You Want to Play a Mind-Blowing Online Escape Room?

The last couple years have seen an influx of new innovations in technology, communications, entertainment, and education. People have had to figure out new and exciting ways to connect and have fun while at home and across the world. One of these exciting developments is online escape rooms! They are a unique spin on the classic escape room, but virtual! Online escape rooms allow friends and family to play together across cities and oceans. But many people don’t understand what is involved in an online escape room or how it will work. Not to worry! We are here to help provide you with the answers to a fun and unique experience you can have from home with your friends and family.

How do we work together with friends and family?

Online escape rooms, like those at Mystery Escape Room, utilize a video conferencing service like Google Meet, Zoom, or MS Teams. These allow the participants to talk to each other about what they are finding and what they are solving. Escape rooms are capable of using whatever platform works best for you so you can be flexible.

What do we need to play?

You will need a computer or laptop with internet access that has a webcam or microphone. The computer will allow you to access the video conference and the game itself. The webcam and microphone allow you to see and talk to the other participants in the game.

Do we play with other people’s groups?

No! You play just with the 4-8 people you choose to invite to the experience.

Does everyone have to play? What if we have someone who just wants to watch?

Not everyone needs to play. If you have small children who find the puzzles too difficult or an adult who would rather watch the adventure unfold they are more than welcome to watch the experience, but it is definitely more fun to play!

What does the game look like?

The game is navigated on your computer or laptop. There are different clues, codes, and puzzles that the team will need to solve in order to reach their objective. Each room has a different theme and a different objective so you can try them all and have a new experience every time!

What type of puzzles are they?

Each escape room has a different variety of puzzles so everyone’s strengths can be utilized. From word play and jigsaw puzzles to math and visual puzzles, there are so many fun things to solve for everyone in the group.

How do we book?

Book online at and start your adventure!

If you are looking for a new way to entertain your family or have a get together with friends, you can’t go wrong with a virtual escape room. They will test your brain and cooperation, change up your regular routine, and bring you closer to friends and family no matter where they are.

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