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How to Easily Enjoy Family Time when Family is Far Away

Family get-togethers, both large and small, can be a world of fun. They can also be stressful. Finding a date that works for everyone, getting everyone to the same place, making sure everyone has a place to stay, planning activities, feeding the whole group. What if not everyone can attend? How do you get them involved when they need to remain at home? It can be exhausting. However, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to get everyone together and enjoying time from wherever they are is through the many virtual activities and communication services that are available now. Utilizing these incredible technologies can allow everyone to spend time together from home no matter where they are, saving money and lowering stress for everyone.

Pick a date (or dates) that work for everyone:

This might be the hardest part. Organizing schedules amongst so many people can be difficult, but once you have a date or a couple dates you can get on to the fun stuff.

Plan a virtual activity (or activities):

There are so many virtual activities you can find to do. Online escape rooms can be particularly fun for all members of the group. They allow everyone to work together in a unique way and require little to no prep work from whoever schedules the event. Once they have made their booking they are good to sit back and enjoy the adventure with everyone without having to host. If you are going to get together multiple times then make sure to pick a different activity each time so the gathering is new and exciting. You can find dozens of different virtual activities that require various amounts of effort by the scheduler/organizer and have a wide range of prices. Make sure you look into every option so it fits with what you want and need to enjoy your family time.

Plan food that everyone can enjoy:

Share a recipe from the family cookbook that everyone could make and eat during the activity! Nobody can resist a fun adventure with a side of Grandma’s famous cookies. If there isn’t a family recipe, then find a restaurant that everyone enjoys and get take out. Everyone in their own homes can be enjoying the same food while spending time online together.

Enjoy your family time together:

Show up at the agreed upon time and at the agreed upon platform and enjoy the time together. Laugh, catch up, share, and make new memories in a way you may never have before.

There you have it! 4 steps to planning a virtual get-together with your family that will allow you to relax and stress a little less. What are you waiting for? Go have fun with your family!

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