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5 Awesome Virtual Date Ideas that we know will delight

Date night! It’s time to grab your sweetheart and hit the town! But what if you are a little too tired to actually leave the house? What if you are far away from each other, but still longing to connect? So much of dating these days is done online. From dating apps and websites to long distance relationships that are maintained through online communication. How can you have fun from home or far away and make date night special without getting dressed up and leaving the house? Virtually!

Virtual Date Ideas At Home

Travel the World

There are lots of ways to explore the world from the comfort of home. There are many videos online that give virtual tours of attractions all over the world. Make a dish from the country and watch videos together. Maybe even plan your next getaway together!

Escape Together

Escape rooms are such a fun way to work together with your partner in a new way. Doing it virtually means you get to stay in your pajamas and doesn’t that make it even better. Online escape rooms allow for all the fun puzzle solving and excitement of a physical escape room, but all from your computer. If you are in the same room you can do it together and utilize each other’s skills in the same space. If you are distanced from each other you can use video conferencing to talk and connect while playing the game on your individual devices!

Game Night

There are many different online based games that can be played whether you are near or far. These range in types from trivia, to drawing, to virtual versions of popular board games. Play a bunch of games and keep track of who wins each one. The ultimate winner gets to pick a prize from the other partner. It’s a great way to add a little friendly competition that stays fun and keeps everyone smiling.

Movie Night from Home

Dinner and a movie is a classic, but how can you do it if you and your partner are far away? Many movie theaters offer their snacks for delivery on various delivery apps. Get your favorite movie snacks delivered or get dinner delivered from the same restaurant. Pick a movie that you both have access to and watch it through an app that will sync the movie. Talk to each other over the phone or a video chat.

Create an Online Scavenger Hunt

Each of you pick a few websites that you love to visit (or use a random website generator) and find things that the other needs to search to find or do on the site. Share your list and have fun laughing about all the silly and ridiculous things there are to find on the internet.

There are so many ways to change up your date night routine while staying home or connecting across a distance. These are also great ways to get to know someone in the early stages of dating, especially if you live far away from each other. Try out one of these on your next date night and have fun!

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