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Go on an Escape Room adventure at one of Mystery Escape Room's Thrilling locations. Each escape room is custom made and build with immersive sets and unique, challenging puzzles that will have your group guessing every step of the way. You will by guided by an actor who plays a character in the story. They will bring each escape room experience to life. Check out one of our escape room locations today by clicking the links listed above.

Online Escape Rooms for Family and Friends

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Make use of video conference software to connect with family and friends anywhere in the world, then enter the virtual world of Mystery Escape Room! Each virtual Escape Room comes with a variety of fun puzzles and unique challenges that will compel you to work together online. 

Go on fun adventures in virtual locations to find codes, games, and puzzles that will present themselves live on your computer screen. Communicate with the people on your team to piece together and solve each distinctive challenge. 

You have 60 minutes to complete the online escape room but plan on 90 minutes for the entire event. Each virtual adventure comes with an escape room guide who will be accessible through the conference call.

If you would like to learn more, please call: 801-473-2780

Escape Rooms for

Team Building


Currently offering online Escape Rooms for remote Team Building.

Effective team communication and problem solving can be a challenge when the team is separated. Our escape room adventures are designed to address these challenges in a fun, engaging way, so work teams can learn and grow toward greater team unity and effectiveness.

We create our escape room adventures with specific work objectives in mind for great team building events. Each adventure has a little different training focus. 

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Head Shot

Kim A.

Very well done - clever puzzles that were executed with a lot of thought and excellence.

Sammi K.

We had a larger group (~10) and decided to go here for a team building activity - it was SO FUN! Bring your brains, and get ready to work together - it's a really engaging way to spend an evening! Would recommend!

Man in Blue Shirt

Justin S.

This was my third time in an escape room, and it gets more fun every time. Will, our host, was amazing (he'd make a great mob boss). We had a blast with our friends from out of state, even though the puzzles got the better of us.