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Mystery Escape Room

Dive into Thrilling Adventures, Anytime, Anywhere!


2 Escape Room Locations to Choose from


From Physical Escape Rooms to Virtual Challenges: Discover All We Offer

Our Locations Offer:

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Escape Room Locations

Spanning Salt Lake City's mountainous beauty to Tucson's desert charm, our escape rooms blend immersive challenges with rich storytelling that creates an unforgetable experience.


Teambuilding Locations

Unite, strategize, and conquer! Our team-building activities are meticulously designed to foster collaboration and enhance communication skills.

Online Escape Rooms and More:


Online Escape Rooms for Single Players and for Groups

Explore digital challenges with our online escape rooms. Perfect for both solo strategists and collaborative groups, our virtual adventures blend captivating stories with brain-teasing puzzles, all at your fingertips.

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Virtual Teambuilding Activities

Strengthen bonds from afar with our virtual team-building sessions. Engage in dynamic activities designed to boost collaboration, foster creativity, and enhance team spirit, all within a lively and interactive digital environment.

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Online Escape Rooms For Kids


2 Escape Room Locations

Choose A Location to see the Escape Rooms that are Available


Salt Lake City, Utah
Escape Rooms


Tucson, Arizona
Escape Rooms


Common Escape Room Questions

Am I really locked in the room?

No, you are able to leave the room at any time.

Is it scary?

Not at all. Although some Escape Room themes may sound scary, they are not what you would expect. We are different from what you might see in other escape rooms. We focus our games on exciting, immersive, family fun. We never design anything to be violent or gory.

Can children play?

Yes! Absolutely! We recommend group 8 years and older. We require an adult to experience the adventure with groups of kids between ages 8 and 14. Families can contact Mystery Escape Room for special circumstances.

Mystery Escape Room is featured in:


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