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Playing Fun Online Escape Rooms the Right way with Groups Large or Small

Updated: Jul 6

Online escape rooms are fun for any size group. Because they don’t have physical limitations like an in-person escape room you can have a wider variety of the number of people involved. You have the flexibility to have lots of people participating or just a few. Before booking a room you will need to determine what size group you have. The number of people you have will determine how to go about booking and playing your game.

What is a small group?

A small group consists of 4-8 or 6-12 people. These group sizes are ideal for running a single escape room, either a “Friends and Family” room of 4-8 or a “Virtual Team Building” room of 6-12.

What is a really small group?

A really small group consists of less than 4 people. We wouldn't recommend doing less than that in your adventure because escape rooms are designed to be challenging, but our guides are there to help you get through your adventure even if you have 2 or 3 people.

What is a large group?

A large group consists of any group that would require more than one escape room. If you have 9+ for a “Friends and Family” or 12+ for a “Virtual Team Building” then you will want to book more than one room. Many times you can get the rooms at the same time so your teams can compete to see who finishes first, or you can choose different times to accommodate various schedules. You can also do the same theme or do a different theme.

What is a really large group?

A really large group consists of 50-100 people. These rooms are called Virtual Conference rooms. They involve the whole group utilizing breakout rooms of 5-10 people and one guide they can visit to get help.

Once you have determined what size your group is, then you can move forward with booking your room and engaging in your adventure. We have another article that lists the steps out for you to help you on the process. You can also set up a free live demo if you would like a closer look at our escape rooms. You can book online at our website or contact our bookings department,, if you have any questions about setting up your adventure.

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