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Exciting New Online Escape Room to Play on Halloween

Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab

You and your friends are invited to explore Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab. You are promised that if you help the Doctor find an item that encompasses the secret to life, you will be rewarded with riches. The door locks behind you when you enter his home and a letter is found. It says:

Esteemed guests,

I invite you into my home. You are welcome to visit all the rooms of my house and I hope you do so. See, I have misplaced an item that is vital to my experiment. This item encompasses the secret to life! It being an intelligent human brain. I should be back in an hour and I do hope you can this brain for me by then, otherwise, I may have to find a brain from somewhere else. Perhaps yours will do nicely.

I am very grateful for your help.


Dr. Frankenstein

Is your team up for the Challenge?

Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab is an Online Escape Room designed for the Halloween season. You and up to 7 friends can play together from your computers to see if you have what it takes to escape before time runs out. This new online escape room will challenge you with a series of puzzles and tasks designed to test your problem solving skills. Once you've completed each task, you'll be able to unlock doors leading to other rooms. If you're stuck, you can use hints to help you along.

How to book your Halloween Online Escape Room

To play the new haunted escape room, simply click the link above to visit the website. From there, you can choose Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab and follow the prompts to schedule your escape room. You will then be emailed instructions and links for the game. Gather your friends far and wide to meet you in a conference call at your designated time. You game host from Mystery Escape Room will be there as well to introduce the game and provide you hints should you need any along the way.

A Small Gift for You When You Book Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab

Use the promotional code: halloween2022 when you check out to get $3.00 off your Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Lab adventure! This coupon code is good until October 31st, Halloween Day.

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Victor Davidson
Victor Davidson
Sep 24, 2023

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