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Terrific New Online Escape Room to Bring Fun to Families for the Holidays

An online escape room game has arrived on the web. It’s called “The Legends of Christmas” and it’s here to stay.

If you would like to see your family this holiday season but are unable to, Mystery Escape Room has you covered. Enjoy coming together online to play one of their extremely fun Online Escape Rooms. All you need to do is schedule the conference call with your family and they will take care of the rest. Although nothing comes close to being together in person, these online games will get you laughing and playing together almost like you are really there.

Online Escape Rooms are so FUN!

Mystery Escape Room offers many unique and highly rated online escape room games that have been played and enjoyed by thousands. Really, these games were created for quarantined families during the COVID-19 Pandemic but now that we are mostly past that, people keep coming back and playing these games because they have so much fun with them. They make the perfect Christmas gift for those family members that live far away, who you do not get to see this Christmas.

Brand New Game for the Holidays

This year, Mystery Escape Room is offering a brand-new experience that is sure to bring the Christmas spirit. It’s called The Legends of Christmas. You will travel through time in a time machine visiting Christmas’ of yore. After all the stars disappear out of the sky, you will need to use the time machine to visit Charles Dicken’s Study and find clues on the set of the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Discover who wrote the song, Silent Night and even help St. Nicholas find his lost dominos. When you finish the game, you will be able to restore the light to the original Christmas Star in ancient Bethlehem to bring back the missing stars of your day.

Booking is Easy

Booking your holiday experience is easy. Visit … and click on the game you want. Follow the instructions to find a date and time that works for your family and friends. It is that easy. If you do have a question, Mystery Escape Room has a very friendly staff waiting to answer them for you.

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