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The Ghost of Isabella Black

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Echoes of the Past: Unravel the Secrets Within

A Hauntingly Fun Adventure for All Ages! Reserve Now!


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Dark Rocks

Mysteries of the Black House

Journey into the heart of a haunting tale, unfolding within the walls of the Black house. Discover the mystifying disappearance of young Isabella, entwined with an eerie artifact that consumed her brother, Carson. Traverse the echoing corridors where past melds with present, where shadows deceive and supernatural forces tug at the strings of reality. As you step into a home frozen in the 1970s, prepare to be challenged by restless spirits with stories to reveal. Will you uncover the truth and find your way out, or become another of the house's unsolved mysteries? Enter, if you dare...

A Hauntingly Fun Adventure Awaits!

Navigate the house's shadowy hallways and meet its mischievous spirits. No blood, no gore – just playful chills. Ideal for families, friends, and courageous adventurers young and old!

$139.95 Escape Room Bundle

This Includes:

- Up to 4 Tickets

-1 Private Event

-1 Trained Actor who plays a character and guides your game

-Travel through time in our time machine before the event

-Opportunity to take pictures of your group inside the Escape Room set after the event is over


Each additional player after bundle price - $29.95 (No more than 12 players)


Up To 12 Players

One Hour

5/10 Difficulty

Mystery Escape Room Gift Vouchers 
On Sale Now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really locked in the room?

No, you are able to leave the room at any time.

Is it scary?

Not at all. Although some Escape Room themes may sound scary, they are not what you would expect. We are different from what you might see in other escape rooms. We focus our games on exciting, immersive, family fun. We never design anything to be violent or gory.

Can children play?

Yes! Absolutely! We recommend group 8 years and older. We require an adult to experience the adventure with groups of kids between ages 8 and 14. Families can contact Mystery Escape Room for special circumstances.


Utah Escape Room

Mystery Escape Room is located at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. We recommend parking in the South Garage at The Gateway. If you want to get something to eat before or after your Escape Room Adventure, there are many great option in and around The Gateway.

Mystery Escape Room is the highest-rated Escape Room on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews in Utah! It is also the winner of 12 Best of State awards!

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Monday through Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm, Closed Sunday

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130 S Rio Grande St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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