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The Superhero

Virtual Escape Room Adventure

Escape Room Attraction played virtually on the internet.

Swing into action on this exciting new super hero escape room adventure!
4 - 8 people per event
Ages 10+
Escape Rooms listed on a Mountain Daylight Time Zone in Salt Lake City
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What is Needed to Play:
 - Laptop, Chromebook, or Desktop computers with webcam and microphone. Tablets and Phones will not work.
 - Access to the internet. You will not be required to download or install anything to play.
$75 per event
That is less than $10 per person for groups of 8!
Bookings available: Monday - Saturday

Each hour has 3 separated private events available to book. All bookings are private and will not be joined by other people.

Swing into Action

The evil villain, Dr. Psionic has placed mind control devices in specified locations. He plans to use them as part of his evil plan to take over the world! You have a chance to stop him. You must find his apartment, that will lead to his secret lair where you can uncover his dubious plot and deactivate the device.

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