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Haunted Escape Room

The Haunted Temple of Ah Puch

For groups with 5 to 12 people - $29.95 per ticket.


$139.95 Escape Room Bundle

This Includes:

- Up to 4 Tickets

-1 Private Event

-1 Trained Actor who plays a character and guides your game

-Travel through time in our time machine before the event

-Opportunity to take pictures of your group inside the Escape Room set after the event is over


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About The Haunted Temple of Ah Puch

A Haunting Escape Room Adventure inside the belly of an ancient Mayan Temple.
  • 60 Minute Escape Room - Played at the Salt Lake City Location
  • 4 to 12 People Per Event
  • Ages 8+
  • Scheduling available Monday through Saturday
  • Some Frightening Moments
  • Wheelchair Accessible 

A mysterious Mayan Temple in the uncharted areas of Central America has recently been discovered. A team has been sent ahead of your group to pave the way for us to go learn about the secrets that this temple has to offer.  Strange that no one has heard back from that team yet...but no matter, surely they are fine.  Lucky for you, since you are the first expedition team to go to the mysterious temple, you will get first pick at any treasures you find!  There is something about a curse from a death god for anyone that takes anything but be assured, for that cannot be real.  We are so excited that you will be joining us on this adventure!


Too Scary?

​This escape room has low lighting and some mildly frightening moments but there is no gore.

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This Location

Mystery Escape Room

At The Gateway

Monday through Saturday
9am - 10pm
Closed Sundays
130 S Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Mystery Escape Room is located at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. We recommend parking in the South Garage at The Gateway. If you want to get something to eat before or after your Escape Room Adventure, there are many great option in and around The Gateway.

Mystery Escape Room is the highest-rated Escape Room on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews in Utah! It is also the winner of 12 Best of State awards!