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Discover Amazing Escape Rooms in Salt Lake City

Updated: May 31, 2021

You can find Amazing Escape Rooms at The Gateway in Downtown Salt Lake City

Escape rooms have been around for many years. The longest running escape room in Salt Lake City, also the longest running escape room in Utah is known as Mystery Escape Room, opened since 2014. While many escape rooms feature the same escape room adventures, Mystery Escape Room has been shaking it up and changing their escape rooms almost on a monthly basis. This has given the owners the opportunity to design escape room games for many different themes. They also have been able to design many different online escape room themes as well. From Frankenstein and Dracula to Mission Impossible and Tom Sawyer.

Mystery Escape Room Guests Working on a Puzzle

Each escape room is carefully planned and created with the puzzle flow and theme in mind. It takes Mystery Escape Room months of planning and building before the final product can be enjoyed by their guests. Attention to detail is apparent when you enter each room. You really feel like you are there inside the world that they created. The challenges are unique as well. Each escape room holds many different puzzles that take you down different paths and come together sometime before the end. They are specifically designed to keep 8 to 12 people busy the entire time they are playing and to avoid a linear escape room experience.

The Officially Licensed Escape Room Adventures

Mystery Escape Room has created over 50 different escape rooms. Each one has been unique and different from the others. 3 of the 5 escape rooms that are currently playing are licensed theme. These themes include: The Secrets of Downton Abbey Escape Room, Nancy Drew Escape Room: The Mystery of the Missing Jewelry, and The Sword of Zorro Escape Room. These are one of a kind escape rooms themes that you cannot find anywhere else except at Mystery Escape Room locations.

Mystery Escape Room provides a fun and engaging Downton Abbey experience. If you have ever wanted to feel like you are there, inside the castle, this is a great way to experience just that. Not only do you get to feel like you are there, but you also get to participate in a classic Downton Abbey story.

Chanceworthy - MER Actor

Mystery Escape Room's 4th Dimension

Another way that Mystery Escape Room stands out is their unique way to monitoring an escape room. They hire actors to be a part of the experience. These actors are not in the room but are guides that play a part in the escape room experience. It makes it more fun to communicate with a character in the story rather than a person that is there to give clues. Clues are provided if needed but the character in the story is there to provide them.

This idea brings the escape room experience all together and creates a 4th dimension of fun. You meet the character at the beginning and they escort you to your escape room by traveling in a time machine. Once you are in your escape room, the actor leaves you to it but is available over a speaker system.

All the Escape Rooms at Mystery Escape Room are Completely Family Friendly

If you are looking for something to do in Salt Lake City with the family, Mystery Escape Room is an excellent choice. Their family friendly escape rooms provides a fun activity for all ages and the best part is that the whole family can play together. I know it can be difficult to find something to do for the family, but Mystery Escape Room provides a great experience that will have your kids talking about it for months.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why Mystery Escape Room is Amazing and the best escape room in Salt Lake City. They provide engaging puzzles, unique, one of a kind themes with great immersion, fun characters to meet, and experiences for all ages. If you have not yet tried Mystery Escape Room, now might be the best time.

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Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
Dec 30, 2023

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تمامًا كما هو الحال في الكازينو، حيث يبقيك عنصر المفاجأة على حافة مقعدك، توفر غرف الهروب هذه رحلة لا يمكن التنبؤ بها


Georgina Gray
Georgina Gray
Sep 27, 2021

During the holidays, I always have fun in this escape room. I Would recommend it highly and will be going back again. Thanks for the great experience! Same when we visited last month.

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