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Return to Treasure Island

Virtual Escape Room

$80 Per Event (With 4 to 8 People Included in the Event)

That is only $10 per person for groups of 8! 

All Game Times Listed in Mountain Standard Time.

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If ye be seekin’ adventure, ay—you’ve come to the proper place!
  • Plan on a 90 Minute Event - 60 Minute Virtual Escape Room Played on your Computer
  • 4 to 8 People Per Event (Each Player can be located anywhere in the world)
  • Ages 10+
  • Listed on a Mountain Standard Time Zone in Salt Lake City
  • Scheduling available Monday through Saturday
  • What you need to play:
    • Laptop, Desktop, or Chromebooks with Webcam and Microphone Capabilities​
    • Access to the Internet

Inspired by the Classic Book, Treasure Island

Your adventure begins in a shadowy storage room aboard a weathered pirate ship. Once you find your way out you will be able to explore the entire ship while the pirates are on the island for the rest of the gold. Keep an eye out for the gold already aboard. You know they must of stashed it somewhere.


If you can, raise the anchor and release the helm to sail away and leave those dastardly pirates on the island for DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!

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