Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

Why do an Escape Room Team Building Activity?

Effective team communication and problem solving can be a challenge when the team is separated. Our virtual escape room adventures are designed to address these challenges in a fun engaging way, so teams can learn and grow toward greater team unity and effectiveness. 

We create our online escape room adventures with specific objectives in mind for great team building events. Each online adventure has a little different training focus. 


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Nancy Drew

Training Focus

This escape room adventure emphasizes the need for team coordination. In it, the team can split into multiple functional groups and search for clues independently. The challenge is to for the team to coordinate efforts so problems can be solved simultaneously without redundant effort. Too often in business multiple people are working on the same problem without realizing it. In this adventure the team must work together to effectively match team skills to the problems they are most suited to solving in a setting of ongoing discovery and evolving information. 

The Superhero

Escape Adventure

Training Focus

This escape room adventure focuses on collaborative team problem solving. The puzzles in this adventure can be split among multiple members and solved as a community effort. It encourages the team to find the most efficient path to solving problems by working together. It encourages team members to identify collaborative opportunities and then use them to more effectively solve problems and come to solutions. 

Minutes to Midnight

Training Focus

The focus of this escape room adventure is to build critical communication skills when team members have different assigned tasks and different information. The adventure pushes the team to analyze their own information and determine what might be useful to them and other team members. In business problem solving situations, communication of the right information can mean the difference between an okay solution and a great solution. Often the right information is available, but the person holding that information doesn’t realize that what they have is needed by others in the organization. This event shows the importance of sharing information. 

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Mystery Escape Room Online is an escape room style game that you can play with your friends on your computer from home, from work, or anywhere that you are! The only thing that this intense game requires is access to Google Hangout. Good luck and enjoy your mission!