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The Mystery Solvers Club

Online Escape Room For Kids

As Low As $10.00 Per Person

$80 Per Event - This includes:

- Up to 8 Tickets

- 1 Private Themed Adventure

- 1 Trained Actor who plays a character and guides your game 

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All Game Times Listed in Mountain Standard Time.


Trusted By Brands Such As


Find the Missing Puppy

Samantha lost her puppy Toby, and her family is moving away. Toby was last seen playing around the Marrington Mansion. The house is a mystery house. It was owned by Harold Merrington before he disappeared 20 years ago. People say it has hidden rooms and secret passages. Your children will enter the house and find the missing puppy before Samantha’s family leaves in one hour.​​


4 to 8 Players

One Hour

For Ages 7 -11

Played on Computer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to account for a time zone difference?

The listings for the Online Escape Rooms are according to a Mountain Daylight Time Zone. If you are located outside the Mountain Daylight Time Zone, then you will need to account for a time zone difference.

Is it scary?

Not at all. Although some Escape Room themes may sound scary, they are not what you would expect. We are different from what you might see in other escape rooms. We focus our games on exciting, immersive, family fun. We never design anything to be violent or gory.

Can children play?

Yes! Absolutely! We recommend children 10 years and older. We also have Online Escape Room's made especially for young children. We recommend looking at our Kids Escape Rooms for details. Families can contact Mystery Escape Room for special circumstances. Please call

801-473-2780 for special circumstances.


Play it Anywhere

Make use of Video Conference Software to connect with family and friends anywhere in the world, then enter a virtual world of Mystery Escape Room! Each virtual escape room comes with a variety of fun puzzles and unique challenges that will compel you to work together online.

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Monday through Saturday 9am - 8pm Closed Sunday

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