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Haunted Escape Room Online

The Bell Witch Hauntings

$95 Per Event (With 4 to 8 People Included in the Event)

That is less than $12 per person for groups of 8!


All Game Times Listed in Mountain Daylight Time.


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About the Haunted Escape Room

Explore an old dusty house but beware of the Bell Witch!
  • Plan on a 90 Minute Event - 60 Minute Virtual Escape Room Played on your Computer
  • 4 to 8 People Per Event (Each Player can be located anywhere in the world)
  • Ages 10+
  • Success Rate: Coming Soon!
  • Listed on a Mountain Daylight Time Zone
  • Scheduling available Monday through Saturday
  • What you need to play:
    • Desktop with Webcam and Microphone Capabilities (Laptop computers may experience issues running the game See More)​. Keyboard and mouse are required to move through the 3D space.
    • Access to the Internet, Game works best on a system hardwired to the internet. 

A Haunting Tale - The Bell Witch Hauntings

After a little boy tells you that his pet toad jumped out of his hands and hopped into an old house, he asks you if you and your friends would go in and retrieve it for him. Reluctantly, you agree. The house is old and spacious and after you go inside you find yourselves locked in! There does not appear to be a way out. Your only hope is to explore the house for an alternative exit. Be careful for you do not want to be confronted by the Bell Witch!

Fully 3D Explorable Space!
Mouse and Keyboard required to play
(May cause motion sickness due to moving around 3D environment)

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