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Enchanted Adventures:
Escape Rooms for Young Explorers

When you purchase our escape room for kids, you receive a complete package that includes a captivating slideshow deck and detailed instructions to guide you through the game. More...

What you get when you purchase an Enchanted Adventure:

-Immersive Adventure

-Interactive Puzzles

-Engaging Gameplay

-Beautifully Designed Slideshow (PowerPoint)

-Printable Play Guide: Clear and concise directions on how to play the game, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

How it Works

Mystery Escape Room is featured in:


Unveiling the Adventure: The Three Easy Steps to Kids Escape Room Excitement

Purchase and Download the Escape Room and instructions from this website.

Follow the instructions for game set up.

Play the game using a computer screen, projector, or television set.

Requires PowerPoint to run game

Book Escape Room

The Enchanted Forest: Quest for the Lost Magic

Embark on an extraordinary quest in "The Enchanted Forest: Quest for the Lost Magic," a captivating and immersive escape room adventure designed specifically for young children. Immerse yourself in a tale where a once-thriving magical realm now teeters on the brink of darkness. The wicked sorceress, Esmeralda, has stolen the very essence of the forest's enchantment, plunging it into an abyss of shadows.

In this race against time, your courageous young ones must become the heroes this realm desperately needs. Only the hands of children, brimming with true courage and valor, can restore the fading magic and save the mystical creatures from eternal loss.

Journey deep into the heart of the forest, where ancient trees whisper secrets and shimmering streams reveal hidden clues. To succeed, you must unravel perplexing riddles, solve intricate puzzles, and navigate treacherous paths. Seek out the six sacred gems of virtue, for each holds a vital piece of the forest's power. With their combined strength, you can restore the fading magic before it fades into oblivion.

"The Enchanted Forest: Quest for the Lost Magic" is more than just an escape room experience. It is a transformative journey that brings children together, igniting their imagination and strengthening their bonds. Are you ready to answer the call, unlock the extraordinary power that lies within, and let your family's heroic legacy begin? The fate of the enchanted realm awaits your arrival.

"The Enchanted Forest: Quest for the Lost Magic" is an exciting escape room experience delivered as a downloadable slideshow deck. With clear instructions and captivating visuals, this interactive game can be effortlessly run from your computer or TV screen. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure, advance the game with each slide, and challenge your problem-solving skills to restore the fading magic of the forest. Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable escapade right in your own home. Get ready to unlock the wonders of the Enchanted Forest and embark on an immersive journey like no other.

Requires PowerPoint to run the Game.

Perfect For:

  • Birthday Parties: Create an unforgettable and unique experience for children's birthday celebrations.

  • Family Gatherings: Engage the whole family in a fun-filled adventure that brings generations together.

  • Playdates: Organize exciting playdates where kids can collaborate, problem-solve, and have a blast.

  • Rainy Day Entertainment: Transform dull indoor days into exciting escapades with this interactive game.

  • Homeschooling Activities: Supplement homeschooling with a hands-on, educational adventure that sparks creativity and critical thinking.

  • Parent-Child Bonding: Strengthen the parent-child bond through shared exploration, teamwork, and laughter.

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Embark on Adventure: Interactive Escape Rooms in a Slideshow Deck with Printable Instructions

Our escape rooms for kids are an immersive and exciting adventure, packaged in a convenient slideshow deck format. With each slide, children will unlock thrilling puzzles and challenges that engage their minds and spark their imagination. The accompanying instructions provide guidance for a seamless gameplay experience. Plus, you can enhance the immersion by printing out additional props and materials. Perfect for birthday parties, playdates, or family gatherings, these escape rooms offer endless fun and enjoyment for young adventurers, all easily accessible and ready to play.

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